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Glamping Adventures Hiking Tours 

A lifetime of outdoor adventures exploring every mountain in Las Vegas and my love for humanity has led me to be able to share these amazing hiking adventures!    These are the best of the best Las Vegas has to offer and I have created these experiences in a special way to make memories last for a lifetime!   We also have custom hikes for those who want to rock scramble with over 20 different mountain peaks to choose from!

Hike Above the Canyon Peaks 
$89 Per Person
$75 for Glampers

This bucket list hike captures a 360 degree panoramic view from over 6600' above sea level.  Complimentary 4k Action Video and stunning memorable photos to capture every moment.  This is where the big horn sheep live!  Views of the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Conservation, Spring Mountain, Lovell Mountain, Rainbow Mountain, and many more.  The trail ends at an energy vortex to recharge bringing you good luck and tons of positive and healing energy.

Screenshot_20211108-094834_Gallery (1).jpg

Fossil Scavenger Hunt with Bon Fire & Smores
$89 Per Person
$75 for Glampers

This special area has a treasure trove of of the clearest fossils.   Find the Scavenger hunt fossils and win prizes!  These fossils date back 250 million years ago and were victims of earths biggest extinction event when 90% of marine life and 70% of all terrestrial life perished.  After a fun filled hunt we will hand out prizes over a bon fire with a full smores set up watching an incredible sunset over the mountains and watch the lights of Vegas and the strip glistening in the background!

After the scavenger hunt, we will build a bon fire and enjoy smores and champagne over looking the Las Vegas Strip and Vegas Valley Lights!

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