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Mystic Mountain Healing

Mystic Mountain Healing

A Complete Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit

25% off for Guests!!!

Welcome to the Mountain Summit Energy Vortex.  Surrounded by endless fields of sage, dramatic mountain back drops and picturesque sunsets!  This very special mountain top space has been consecrated with healing energies and is thriving with a life and an energy you can instantly feel the moment you arrive.

The human body  is the most miraculous creation on this planet.  We are gifted with the most amazing natural self healing abilities.  Not only will we activate and utilize these abilities, I will also teach you how to do it on your own so you can continue to feel wonderful every day.

Healing Packages

Complete Healing Package - 2 hour session $195

PaidaLajinis an ancient Chinese method of self healing.  Your body consists of 14 meridians.  Blockages within these meridians cause pain, inflammation and many diseases.  Through a specific stretching method and increasing blood flow technique, we can open up these blockages.  No blockage, no pain.  The increase in blood flow lubricates the joints.  The added blood flow also means faster healing.  This allows your Chi or Qi, which is your natural healing energy, to flow freely through these meridians and instantly activate your natural healing processes.

Acupressureis an ancient traditional form of Chinese massage.  This encourages the movement of Chi, life's energy, throughout the 14 meridians using targeted acupoints.  This is essential for good health.  If this energy flow is blocked, the body can no longer maintain balance of energy to heal and prevent health issues and diseases.

Deep tissue massage with Aroma Therapy - The essential oils are used to decrease anxiety and stress, enhance mood, relieve pain and tension. The deep massage realigns the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue.  Releases the tension of the muscle fibers, tendons and fascia.  It will increase your range of motion, lower blood pressure and heart rate, relieve or reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

A special Guided Chi Meditation with Reiki Healing- This specifically made meditation will guide you to connect with your inner Chi.  The connection with you Chi will activate the self healing process from within with a mind body connection.  Reiki is an ancient Japanese form form of healing.  Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Energy.  This will allow you to tap into the universal energy, the very energy and essence of life itself.  By holding open the pathways, it allows your chakras to realign for a balanced and peaceful mind, body and soul.

Bonus - Following the completion1 of your healing sessions, you will use you energies to pick out your own healing crystal to take home with you along with an energized bag of freshly picked on site sage from within the energy vortex.  When you open this bag at home and breath the energy, it will immediately take you back to your healing space where you can perform your own self healing at home.  You will be provided with self healing techniques to continue your path to health and complete wellness.

1 hour sessions - $99

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage- LomiLomi is an ancient restorative healing system.  One of the most spiritual and sensually relaxing massages in the world!  It reflects the connection we have with the land, spirit guides and the breathe of life.  Lomilomi also includes range-of-motion work, deep-tissue techniques and, most importantly, the full presence of loving touch. Every cell is blessed to create balance (lokahi). The nervous system is encouraged to slow down, thereby creating the space for techniques to be received rather than pushing through a blockage in the muscle tissue.

1 hour Acupressure and Aroma Therapy with Deep Tissue

1 hour Full Reiki Healing Session


Coming Soon - Hot Stone Massage

Didgeridoo Sound Healing!

About the Healer

Growing up I always had a special connection to nature. However, it wasn't until I experienced my own death, that I was able to experience real life.  I had a tragic mountain bike accident in the southwest mountains of Las Vegas and hit a jagged boulder that cause a complete laceration of my liver and most the major arteries.  Long story short, I suffered severe internal bleeding which caused my heart to stop for over 30 minutes.  After 10 days I woke up in an incubator, alive but still faced with a grim fate of a most certain unsurvivable circumstance.  I was placed in the basement of the hospital during the height of covid, as they waited for me to pass.  My breathe kept slipping out over and and over again.  During this weaken state with absolutely no hope, I began to meditate for whatever little hours I had left.  During this meditation, completely aware of my surroundings, someone came to me with a conversation of how I lived my life and that the end was inevitable, however I would be given one chance.  I was told to keep my eyes closed and continue to mediate among other things.  At that time I did not know, but I had entered into an separate dimension of life, still while being completely coherent to the current one. As time past, quickly my breathe and internal energies got stronger and stronger.  Shockingly I sat up with assistance of the bed, despite being cut open several times along the abdomen and began breathing powerfully.  As the doctors and nurses watched in confusion, by breathe came back to me and over the next couple of hours my liver slowed down the leaking.  I went from taking my last breathes to a completely aware individual fighting for his life.  Several nurses stood around me and were in shocked as to what was happening.  And that is when I experienced my first out of body experience.  I was able to heal myself, gaining enough strength for the doctors to actually move me into the operating room and begin several surgeries.  And they were all successful! It took 2 more months in ICU before I could go home and finally see the light in the sky, clouds and my daughter and family for the first time!  It was the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine.

After this experience I knew there was way more to life than I could ever imagine. So since then I have dedicated my life to self improvement and harnessing the healing powers of Chi and meditation.  I know I was only brought back for one reason.  To share the Love and Healing to as many people as possible.  This vision has been years in the making and finally has come to life.  Living in the mountains in isolation has allowed me to expand the universe in ways I couldn't even think imaginable.  As I constantly strive to become a better human being then the day before, I now can share these gifts of healing with the world.  I am grateful and appreciative of each and every one of you and hope I can impact your life in a positive way.  But more importantly, help give you a gift so you may continue to heal yourself on a daily basis.

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